Made in Africa

Inspired by the life of one Miss Nola Darling, from the movie She’s gotta have it!

I am forced to live a life that is not my own

Being forced to conform to the rules of this world

I am forced to dress

In order to impress

Those who care not about my life

Them who shamelessly stare in disgust

Disgusted by my skin colour

Why do you force me to dress like the rest?

As if they are my equals

While in reality I was born different

Why do you inherently burn my scalp

On a mission to straighten my kinky hair

While it was meant to be different?

Why do you constantly insist that I change my accent?

“No don’t say it that way, it should be said this way”

Why do you force me in these clothes that are meant to deter the attention from my complexion?

Why do you insist on teaching me how to walk properly?

How to talk to the nobles

How to eat like the nobles

How to impress the ‘nobles’

What is so noble about altering my personality?

Teaching me how to not to embrace who I am?

Don’t you realize that I am one with the trees?

That I cropped up straight from the earth?

I am made of pure cocoa and dipped in honey

I am smeared of mud mixed with coffee

Please allow me to be a normal human child

No, don’t apply that foundation on me that I may look lighter

Allow me to embrace my melanin

For if I can survive the scorching sun

I can as well survive the scorching eyes that

Stare at me like I am nothing but filth

Those hands that wouldn’t dare touch

I don’t want to change

I do not wish to change

This is whom I am

Born and nurtured by the artistic nature of Mother Africa

She who is despised and isolated

She who is crowned with shame

Clothed with hunger from breastfeeding the greedy and the proud

I still am proud of her

For she has nurtured me to who I am

Let the world witness this dark miniature

And let he who is brave enough persevere the stings of the bees

To get a taste of this dark but pure honey that drips from the furthest edge of Africa’s curves.

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest




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