Sadistic Humor

The fire slowly eats away the paper

And I feel the taste of the ashes

Fill my entire tongue

Pain engulfs and consumes me

As I painfully swallow a dose

Of my own saliva to numb the

Pain for a little while

The wind blows and the leaves

Slowly whisper my name as they

Fall whilst its not autumn yet

Worse still there’s no autumn here in Africa

So I sit still as I feel my eyes and ears

Occupied with unnecessary noise

While my my hands are loaded with books

Standing stagnated

In the same position


While my brain takes my mind off through

Endless trips to the same places

Almost like circles

Ritual circles

Day and night passes and

So the fire grows and consumes

More of my heart

And the smoke fills the rest of my mouth

My tongue burns from the ashes

And my saliva distasteful

My throat and lungs are distorted

As that of a cigarette smoker




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