She, Her

She loved her daddy

She also loved her mama

And her brother

And sister

But too bad poverty had stricken her from all corners

Mercilessly, like a vagabond

They were chained

And tied

And were drowning

In this deep, deep ocean of lack

And he who promised her to strip her off this curse


Stripped off her dignity in complete innocence

And used Her for his satisfaction

As he loved to fight

He loved war

And it thrilled his heart, to watch this poor girl thrill in pain in a pool of blood drenched on the floor

Her daddy was mad,

Full of anger, despair, pain for what had happened to his little girl

Too bad that was all he had

And he too wasn’t spared

As he too was stripped of his dignity on the busy streets of the filthy town in everyone’s watch

Again, reminding them of their place, of their boundaries, sinking them deeper into the pit of disgrace

Her mamma went nuts, and the heavens carried her burden with her, while the ants devoured her tired body, ground it into fine ground

She rose again, armoured with the pain, masked in blood, defined by her scars, as cruelty gave her a purpose for life

She would make him pay for his sins

Repay for what he did to her

To her daddy

And her mamma

Left with her mentally incapacitated sister

As Her brother married off

And watched her die in sadness

As her mind did not comprehend, what her heart did,

And she was in lack

Not of food

Not of shelter

Not of clothing

She was used to this lack

But of mamma’s love

And papa’s

And this made her sad

And her soul wandered off to find what she missed

Leaving Her alone

With a goal, a purpose, a mission

She was going to make him pay



This is a dedication to all my readers and supporters of my work. To everyone who appreciates my writing, I do this for you people, you give me strength, you nourish my soul and each one of you my muse. Bless you all and cheers to devouring more Poetry.


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