“Hey, what happened?”

“What do you mean what happened?”

“I mean you’ve changed, you’ve grown distant, you don’t talk to me anymore…. You even look like you fear me what happened?”

“Nothing” she said solemnly

Then two beautiful ladies walk into that fancy hotel that they were in and notice him. They were well dressed with big behinds and their mammary glands flowered for the world to see… Damn he looked good, from his curly hair and those cat eyes, broad shoulders and what could seem even while he was seated that he had an incredible height. So they stagger towards him, “Hey handsome” one of them spattered as she sat herself towards him, her hands already travelling through his vast chest. They look at him hungrily, like a hyena ready to devour of what’s left of the leopard’s hunt.

“Disgusting” his date thought to herself. Then her phone rang, “Thank goodness” she thought again upon hearing her phone ringing, “Oh its Mike, did the deal go through or what?” She then excuses her way out to receive the call.

“Hello Mike, what’s up?”

“Hey Angie, the deal went through, where are you?, we should celebrate”

“Great news, well, not tonight, maybe tomorrow, I’m briefly out of town ”

“It’s him again isn’t it huh? Angie you’re better than this, he’ll keep hurting you over and over again”

“I’ll be fine Mike, don’t you worry, see you tomorrow”

“Alright your Highness, see you tomorrow, stay safe”

“OK bye”


Then she hang up and breathed deep… So deep that she could feel every ounce of air fill her lungs, then she let out a sigh and let those tears flow as the cool breeze of the night caress her beautiful face. She then wiped off her tears and thought to herself, ” the sky sure does look more clearer now, and the stars shine much brighter. My oh my look at that goddess dominating the sky… Doesn’t she look magnificent?” she then smiled to herself. She had always found a way to cheer herself up even in times of despair, I mean, no one has ever been there for her. She grew up too fast while she was still a child. She learnt independence by the age of eight and here she was, successful with her own established law firm which seem to perform very well. It had been able to produce the best lawyers who represented the most influential people in the country.

She then felt his hands hold her from behind, she was completely lost in her thoughts.

“Hey why’d you leave?”

“I needed some fresh air”

“Oh, I understand, my new friends are already stinking the whole place up”

“Haha, oh my, they seem so into you Chuck”

“Naah, it’s the alcohol love, and more so I’m into you not them” he said reassuringly. “So won’t you move back in with me Angie? Please, I miss you, I know, I know I haven’t been paying close attention to you but I have learnt my lesson I promise you I’ll be better this time”

She looked into his eyes, those magnificent eyes that made her heart beat fast. “Its cold out here”

“Oh I’m sorry, here, have my coat”

She wore it carefully and felt his scent hug here every core. She breathed deep and felt his cologne fill her system, traveling to her brain back to her feet as his entire being pumped into her bones.

“Give me your hand, we should go back to the room it’s getting late”

She obeyed and let this man who had completely gotten her under his spell guide her. He fumbled into the pockets in his trousers finding the room key. He took it and carefully let it slip into the lock and unlocked the door.

“Welcome home he he, you should visit my apartment I promise it looks much better”

“Thank you. The place looks nice”

She watched him as he tried to put the papers back in order and rearrange the books back in place. Chuck was a writer. He had his novels and poems published and had recently won awards and was privileged enough to receive a state recognition award.

“Here, have a seat”

“Thank you Chuck, I should take a shower, it was a long drive here.”

“Oh, okay, the towels and everything you need are in those green drawers over there”

“Alright then”

It was a single room so everything could be easily seen and found so she led herself into the shower and slipped out of her blue dress, open the showers and let the water fall on her skin.

Chuck couldn’t get his eyes off of her. She was still as beautiful as they day they met. On the dark alley lit only by the street lights before dawn. They bumped into each other as Angie spilled coffee on Chuck’s shirt while she hurried into her office that early morning to complete her paperwork for the hearing due next week.

“Oh my God I’m so sorry, oh my clumsy me I’m really sorry”

“Dammit you, you should look where you’re goi…” His words cut off by the immense beauty of the woman standing in front of her as she tried to wipe off the coffee stained shirt. “Its okay I’ll have it dry cleaned”, ” Hi, I’m Chuck ”


“You seem in a hurry”

“Yeah, I have a bunch of paperwork waiting for me in the office, I’m really sorry about the coffee, how do I make it up to you?”

“By giving me your contact maybe, then we’ll know from there”

“Alright, here, have my business card then you can call me sometime later if that’s fine with you”

“Thank you Angie” he said as he slipped the card into the pocket on the left side of his coat, “I’ll be seeing you sometime later I hope”

“Yeah maybe, I should get going, goodbye Chuck and I’m sorry about the shirt once more” she said as she hurriedly left.

Chuck stood in the same position watching her until she trailed off. He took the business card and went toward the street light, “Angie Queen, Managing Partner, Queen & Stevens Associates….” “So she’s a lawyer huh?, Intriguing” he thought to himself as he walked himself towards his car.


To be continued…

So, my very wonderful friend Eli Kyoko, last weekend encouraged me to venture more into this creative world. She managed to talk me into experiencing and feeling more than just pain and on my way to work this morning I had an inspiration and I thought to myself maybe this is the time to try out something else. To be honest I did not expect this piece to be as long as it already is but it is my wish and hope that my very wonderful readers like it. I’d really love to know your thoughts on this.

To my friend Eli, thank you so very much for being the kind soul that you are from the day we met. Bless you!


This story and all its contents herein belong to Akeelah


All Rights Reserved.



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