You found me whole

You found me in my innocence and naivety

You took me by the hand and led me to your desert

You drowned me in thirst and fed me of hunger

You got me drunk of your poison

You taught me dissatisfaction

You used me

Broke me

Harmed me

You intoxicated me

Detonated me

Decapitated me

You were a vulture, Always prying on me

You clutched me by your claws and devoured me,

You drunk from my springs and left me dry

Left me faceless

Lost in your madness

Trying to recollect my pieces

Trace the road map back to where I belong

Find my way back home

I have not known sleep since you came

I have known not rest

I haven’t known peace

You got me trapped under your spell

You are a teacher of bad behaviour

You taught me of such things that I now loath

A lover of naked prostitutes

You have a passion for sins committed under the umbrella dark night skies

Such is your food, your nutrition

Cheap beer, gambling and lowlife

You have no price tag

A shameless beast salivating for whatever comes his way

A shame to the male race

A wolf in wooly skin

Dirty hands, blood shot eyes and blood filled teeth

You disgust me

(I apologize to anyone who may find this piece disturbing. I have tried to edit it a little bit but I just couldn’t since it would have altered the feelings portrayed. Its my hope to all readers that you’ll like it. Peace.)




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