Down To Childhood Memory Lane

So here I was in the middle of nowhere,

And i am reminded of Courage,

Oh my the poor dog

Oh my poor me

All alone in the thick forest,

Full of senseless thick,dry shrubs

I’m back to twelve years back

Or maybe that’s where I got stuck

Buildings start chipping from the ground,

Oh I know that one

And that other one too

Then I see those three kids with bag backs

Looks like they are from school

Do I go to school?

I recognise them

Especially him

But my heart doesn’t race like it used to

Like it used to?

Have I ever been here?

Am I from the future?

Or is this déjà vu?

No they don’t go for this long

I know her

Her hair looks like mine

And her bag back, it used to be mine

But I can’t see her face

It’s dark

Like a shadow

Faceless shadow

My world starts to spin

A mixture of feelings so real

I remember, I used to feel this way

But not anymore

Then I snap, and wake up…

I realize I was on a road trip,

A journey,

Maybe a tour

A trip to my childhood,

Down to childhood memory lane



Photo Credit: Pinterest


13 thoughts on “Down To Childhood Memory Lane”

    1. Awwwww, my dear Meenakshi, you’re too sweet. Thank you so much. I have to admit the feeling was like no other, it was like i had taken a time machine back to the good old days.
      Thank you once again, i really appreciate

      Liked by 1 person

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