Break Free

I felt her

I saw her

And my heart skipped a beat

I felt a rush

She’s been lost for so long

Caged for far much too long

Darkness didn’t break her

Demons didn’t over power her

Her eyes were burning like fire

Bright like the sun

The energy around her was like gravity

Too strong

Soon enough she’ll break free

From those bars imprisoning her

She’s breaking off the rails and gauges of that cage one by one

I feel her trying to get in touch

I’m scared

That she’ll consume my entire being when she’s finally back

It’s been long without her

She now feels foreign

I can’t remember what it was with her

But I do remember how it felt

Just when I thought I lost myself for good…

She’s been here all along,

She’s only been caged,

But she never left

Just after they murdered her

She’s back again, like the Phoenix,

She has risen.



Image Credit: Pinterest


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