Ever been broken beyond recognition, lost your identity and forgot who you are , and in the process of finding who you are, You stumble and fall and hurt and bleed, probably loose all hope and cry but still in so many hopeless breaths you still stand up again and try to recollect your pieces to mould yourself again and try so hard to remember who you are and what you always looked like, but you crook yourself up, you know what am saying? One eye smaller than the other, bigger nose, crooked smile. You once again give up, loose all hope but still remember in the end all you got is you and you are the last person you need to give up on you when everyone else has. Like a woman fighting off a male cat trying to devour young kittens just because their mother is too tired and in pain to do anything but let the gods protect the helpless little creatures through that angel in disguise. That is a woman trying to regain her confidence and control. A woman who throughout her life has acted like and like a boss and a queen. A woman who takes a swing on a chandelier, gets drunk and a high not on any particular drug but from being swung round and round hoping that with every swing the pain will disappear and the tears will dry. A woman who has no choice whatsoever but to keep pressing on , bruised hands and knees and a distorted soul. As I write about this woman I know there are so many out there who are fighting similar battles or worse. So whatever happens, don’t give up, just don’t give up.


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