This morning I woke up with rather an unusual feeling. It wasn’t a bad feeling though but it reminded me of one of the best moments of my life, moments that if I had a chance, at least once, I would do anything to relive them once more.

When I was young, my little brother and I used to fight, a lot! I always made sure I arch him so he would do something, hit me of course, so I would get back at him by telling my parents (haha, you know kids’ stuff). I literally hated my baby brother back then, but one thing was for sure, somewhere deep down I knew I loved him to the end of the world. A day never ended without some sort of fight between the two of us, and for sure it did hurt me, more especially after I met the ‘eMs’.

I call them the ‘eMs’ because I really do not want to disclose their actual names. This is how I met them. In my primary school, my performance was gradually dropping no matter how much I tried to study harder. So, my parents sought to pay for my tuition to some renowned teacher in town, where I would attend every day after school. My first day was OK and beside my experience with the wonderful tutor, I had made new friends. I was really excited and I couldn’t wait for the next day. So the next day arrived and as I was seated chit chatting, I heard voices from outside the room. It was a conversation between two boys and the teacher. The voices were quite new to me and for some reason I’ve never understood till date was the reason as to why their voices sent chills down my spine. Well, not both but one of them, his voice in particular.

As I was contemplating all that in my head, the door suddenly opened and my eyes were transfixed to his. For a moment, we stared at each other, that was until his brother pulled him by the hand where they sat on one of the corners of the room. I couldn’t help but steal glances at him. I was distracted throughout the study period and all I wanted to do was go home. The previous day I had my tutor accompany me on my way home since it was quite late. When it was time to go home, my tutor informed me that she would not walk me home since I already had company, the ‘eMs’.

Got to go!

I sure will be back soon,

Lots of love,



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